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Discussion on: 5 Powerful Programming Languages to Stretch Your Brain

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Damir Franusic • Edited

Not really but I'm sure it will come to mind one day. I have written parsers, lexers and interpreted DSLs (Domain Specific Languages), but never really needed to go one step further and create the actual compiler. Even if I find the time and stamina to try it, it will serve no other purpose, apart from making me feel more competent about my skills.

All of this is based on the assumption that I emerge successful from this endeavor. There's always a chance of everything ending in disaster with me crying myself to sleep surrounded by wild hordes of bugs which have found their new spawning ground, my brand new co-called compiler. 😊

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Alexandra Grazhevskaja • Edited

You have a really wide experience!
You are right. Usually such experiments with compilers is something that happens in academic environment. Actually, I worked on my DSL being a post graduate and there is no guarantee it will see the real world one day.
But, anyway it always makes me feel proud of my self! 😊