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Discussion on: 5 Bad Habits of Software Developers

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Damir Franusic • Edited

I use Doxygen but that is low level documentation used primarily by developers. It's only useful in combination with a hand written higher level overview documentation. What's the point of knowing how a spark plug works if you don't know how to start or drive a car.

Also, it makes me cringe when I see stuff like "the code is self explanatory", etc.

I highly appreciate developers who take their time to write user level documentation, which is, in my opinion, vastly more useful than describing function arguments and return values.

LaTeX is my preferred tool for high level documentation, while Doxygen serves the purpose of being API documentation tool.

Regarding code style, I use ClangFormat since I'm a C developer. It's a great tool to keep your coding syle consistent. Another similar tools which I used while writing Web apps in React.js is Prettier; it is highly configurable and probably supports a plethora of languages.