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Discussion on: What do you use for testing c/c++ apps?

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Damir Franusic

I have used Valgrind but these days I mostly use -fsanitize gcc/clang switches since they don't cause such a major slowdown and memory consumption.

Great article. I spent the last 8 years doing only c++ network programming. Then after thinking things through, I thought to myself that this is overly complex for what I'm doing and OOP is something I can live without. Also, I can easily replicate it with function pointers which I also use in C++ anyway.

This was just a quick intro, you should stick with C++ if you like it; you wrote a great post about it anyway. Now, here's the reason I'm writing this comment; there's an alternative to Valgrind which you could consider using once you get more acquainted with C++. Valgrind incurrs 20x slowdon or was 10x I don't rememeber honestly, but it can get quite slow and eat up a huge amount of memory. The other alternative that doesn't cause any noticeable slowdown are gcc/clang fsanitize methods

gcc -ggdb -o a.out a.cpp \
-fsanitize=address \

When I first started coding in C++ I also usw Valgrind; not even sure if fsanitize methods were available back then.

Happy programming and congrats on this great post.