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Discussion on: TypeScript is a waste of time. Change my mind.

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Damir Franusic

No disrespect to you or Typescript, it is a good idea which should lower the number of errors and fight undefined behaviour. I still don't really like that full stack hype and although I have a history of doing quite complex stuff in React and Node, I still prefer php and mysql as a backend system. All this constant changes, patches and updates have led me to quit the UI dev and go back to low level C, statically typed, compiled and dangerous language hehe 😉. I understand the progress and updates are necessary but I feel that something if fundamentally wrong, UIs require too much power to run; the only step in the right direction is not Typescript or Flow, but WebAssembly.

Many developers these days will probably dislike this comment, but for someone who started programming 20 years ago, I consider myself capable of objectively describing the progression of technology.

What is still mind boggling is that we have so many(too many) programming languages to choose from for all projects other than Web UI. For this very reason, I am an advocate of WebAssemnly because if nothing else, we will at least be given an option to use something other than JS for Web client UI.

I know there's a myriad of Web scripting languages out there, but in the end, all of them are just transpiled to JS 😒