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"call revert exception (method="tokensOfOwner(address)", errorArgs=null..." deploying contract on Polygon. What can it be?


I deployed on polygon ok a few days ago and everything was right I'm trying to do exactly the same changing only the max number of NFTs available in the contract and it fails to even compile:

$ npx hardhat run scripts/run.js --network polygon

Compiling 15 files with 0.8.4 Solidity…

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Could it be that the process is still in the making with the contracts, just queued?

Nonce Position 30 21 - does this have anything to do with the issue?

or may be it is that I used up all the gas I somehow allocated for the deploying and it just stopped at such gas prices?

Gas Limit: 21,052
Gas Used by Transaction: 21,052 (100%)

I am asking because on Rinkeby (I returned back to testnet) everything is just fine.....

on Mumbai Polygon testnet it also deploys and verifies just fine, with flying colours......