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Viktoria Bors-Pajuste
Viktoria Bors-Pajuste

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My first Vue app


I am a "codenewbie", currently I am learning Vue, because of my job as a junior developer.

My thoughts about Vue

I like Vue, it feels pretty straightforward and easily understandable until now. I have started learn React a little and Vue feels simpler, more beginner friendly.

Learning Process

I have started to watch some tutorials on youtube. I have learned the basic concepts and I really wanted to try to create something by myself and not following the tutorial always.

I have an older Number Guessing Game, where I used pure JS. So it was perfect to re-write that in Vue and implement everything I have learned until now.


I managed to re-write the game in Vue. I used 3 different components (start, guess,scene). The different component appears depend on the process in the game. I used the most popular v-directives (like v-if, v-for), some click events and props.
In the end I managed to make the game and it is working nice.

See more here

What next?

Going forward with the tutorials and dig into routing and fetching data.

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