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Discussion on: What do I need to go back to C++ in 2021

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Vincenzo Author

GCC or clang are both great.

any particular reason why some people seems to prefer clang over gcc around the web tutorials I have found?

CLion by Jetbrains is my favorite

man Jetbrains people are the best, pity that they dont have a community version, dont feel like throwing money at it just yet.

thanks for all the info btw

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Sandor Dargo

I'm not sure if this changed... But when I used CLion without a license it quitted after every 30 minutes. Apart from that it was fully usable and taking a break every half an hour is not that bad :)

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Pierre Gradot • Edited

I have never used in clang in a real project for 2 reasons: I work on Windows and mainly for embedded projects.

From the few experiments I did, clang seems to have even better error messages.

You're welcome btw ;)