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How to make DevOps Resume

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Hi All,
I recently found, while searching on the internet about DevOps.
I am working as Linux administrator in Health care company, where I am taking care of their most critical website, who is hosted is using LAMP and MySQL-Replication.
I am very keen to get into DevOps and started to learn different DevOps tools.
I have gone through the Git, Maven and going through the Jenkins.
I do not have prior experience of DevOps and when I am going to apply for the job for DevOps, they are asking more than 4-year or 5-year experience.
I am pursuing course, where I will be learning different tools about DevOps technologies step by step.
Kindly help me how to make resume to get into DevOps and sample resume example.
I am having 4 year experience in Linux administrator.

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vijaykumarmaurya Author

@Arie Bregman Thank you very much for your support.

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