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6 Most Amazing Tools for Front-end Development

UI of a website is very important because it acts as a link between your website and your existing customers. An impressive UI can create a customer base. On the other hand, a bad one can break a customer base. Therefore, business owners are concerned about the UI of their websites.

UI and front-end development are closely connected. So, it is no wonder that the number of front-end development tools is increasing rapidly. As there are so many front-end development services tools, it is difficult to choose the right one. Here are a few essential tools that you should know to make sure you choose the right one.

1. React JS

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Facebook developed React JS. This tool is a very popular and also easy-to-use tool. It helps to create interactive UIs with lots of ease. Moreover, it makes debugging easier because of its declarative views. You can pass rich data easily because JavaScript is used to write the logic.

It is also a great option for evaluating the performance of your website. Plus, it allows you to view and edit the state of components. Additionally, you can also view the source code of any app. There is no need to rewrite existing code to develop new features. Hence, React is very popular.

2. Angular JS

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Angular JS is one of the most used tools by front-end development services. It was developed by Google. Angular JS is used to build a framework. It is also suitable for your app development. The main benefit of Angular JS is that you can modify all its features to suit your needs. Moreover, it not only works for JavaScript libraries but also other libraries.

It also allows you to extend HTML vocabulary to suit your requirements. What is the advantage of this? Angular JS creates an expressive and readable environment that could not have been developed using HTML alone. This tool has several impressive features like Controller, Directives, Data Binding, and many more. It is very useful to build feature-filled apps. If you want a feature-packed app you should go for it.

3. jQuery

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jQuery is a powerful and flexible tool and is used extensively by developers. JavaScript is the most used language by front-end developers. jQuery is used as a JavaScript library. It is preferred by most front-end development services because it provides lots of functionalities.

The functionalities are helpful to resolve a lot of issues and they include DOM manipulation, CSS manipulation, and Event Handling. Moreover, jQuery is useful to create animations and web apps. It is also easy to manage since it is stable. You can get better documentation and development community when you use jQuery.


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Sass is a stylesheet language and a CSS extension language. It helps to develop a manageable code in a short period of time. This tool is one of the most sought-after tools because it saves a lot of time. Time saved is equal to money saved.

It has many advanced features. Why should you use SASS? You should use SASS because it is a neat tool to style your UI. Moreover, it allows you to change style and color, etc. Next, it helps you to organize stylesheets. Finally, it helps to create reusable statements. It also boosts your productivity. Developers prefer this because it supports various languages and programs.

5. Bootstrap

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The Twitter team developed this tool. Bootstrap is one of the most used front-end development tools because it offers a good starting point for several projects. You can develop any application quickly with Bootstrap since it provides many readymade resources and components. Faster development and faster deployment are the main objectives in front-end development.

This is very helpful in conditions where it is difficult to type small styles. It is a great option to build a professional website. If you are looking for a professional-looking website, you should go for Bootstrap.

6. Sublime Text

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Sublime Text is a cross-platform open-source tool. It has many shortcut keys. This is its biggest advantage because shortcut keys help to make changes swiftly. Since it simplifies the navigation process, it is easy to customize menus and snippets, etc. It has many unique features. Front-end developers love this tool because it gives them the freedom to give the right priorities.

Moreover, the developers can create high-end websites easily because of their specifications. It also has another advantage. Developers can use the plugin application to make websites interactive.

There are many more front-end development tools like TensorFlow, Gridguide, Codepen, etc. Find tight front-end development services. They are sure to recommend the right tools to suit the needs of your website.

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