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Discussion on: NFT images generator using Python Jupyter Notebook

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Victor Quan Lam Author

There're 2 places you need to declare the colour

# Each image is made up a series of traits
# The weightings for each trait drive the rarity and add up to 100%

background = ["Blue", "Orange"] 
background_weights = [30, 70]

circle = ["Blue", "Orange"] 
circle_weights = [30, 70]

square = ["Blue","Orange"] 
square_weights = [30, 70]

# Dictionary variable for each trait. 
# Eech trait corresponds to its file name
# Add more shapes and colours as you wish

background_files = {
    "Blue": "blue",
    "Orange": "orange",
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If you have done it but still getting error, could you please let me have a look at your folder/file structure?

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background_files = {"blue": "blue", "green":"green", "LG": "LG", "pink": "pink", "purple": "purple", "orange": "orange"}
eyes_files = {
"I1": "I1", "I2": "I2", "I3": "I3", "I4": "I4", "I5": "I5", "I6": "I6","I7": "I7","I8": "I8","I9": "I9", "I10": "I10","I11": "I11", "I12": "I12", "I13": "I13", "I14": "I14", "I15": "I15", "I16": "I16"}
mouth_files = {"M1": "M1", "M2": "M2","M3": "M3", "M4": "M4", "M5": "M5", "M6":"M6", "M7": "M7", "M8": "M8", "M9": "M9", "M10": "M10", "M11": "M11"}
spoon_files = {"S1":"S1", "S2":"S2", "S3": "S3", "S4": "S4", "S5": "S5", "S6": "S6", "S7":"S7", "S8": "S8", "S9": "S9", "S10": "S10", "S11": "S11", "S12": "S12", "S13": "S13", "S14": "S14", "S15": "S15", "S16":"S16"}

so did this to my files and intead of of layers,i changes it to images
m1 ='./images/background/{background_files[item["background"]]}.png').convert('RGBA')

this fixed my intial problem.but i now have anew one :

10 com2 = Image.alpha_composite(com1, im3)
11 com3 = Image.alpha_composite(com2, im4)

/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/3.9/lib/python3.9/site-packages/PIL/ in alpha_composite(im1, im2)
3042 im1.load()
3043 im2.load()
-> 3044 return im1._new(core.alpha_composite(,

ValueError: images do not match

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Victor Quan Lam Author

Looks like it cannot find the images with the given names. Can you show me the declaration of im2 im3 and im4 as well? Thanks

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Sloan, the sloth mascot
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here they are, thank you so much for all your help. i really appreciate it

im1 ='./images/background/{background_files[item["background"]]}.png').convert('RGBA')
im2 ='./images/mouth/{mouth_files[item["mouth"]]}.png').convert('RGBA')
im3 ='./images/spoon/{spoon_files[item["spoon"]]}.png').convert('RGBA')
im4 ='./images/eyes/{eyes_files[item["eyes"]]}.png').convert('RGBA')

#Create each composite
com1 = Image.alpha_composite(im1, im2)
com2 = Image.alpha_composite(com1, im3)
com3 = Image.alpha_composite(com2, im4)
#Convert to RGB
rgb_im = com3.convert('RGB')
file_name = str(item["tokenId"]) + ".png""./images/" + file_name)
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hi victor, thanks for all your help. I realised that one of my images was not the same dimension as the other. i think that created the error. i've since resolved it and managed to generate the little images! thanks so much for the speedy replies and all your help!

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Victor Quan Lam Author

Congrats! You got it. Thanks for reading my blogs. I'm about to upload another post soon. Please consider to check it out. Thanks again