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Discussion on: NFT images generator using Python Jupyter Notebook

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Victor Quan Lam Author • Edited on

You can add different colours and shapes (rectangle, star) to generate more images to get familiar. A good practice would be having different characters with a set of variation. For instance:

Furthermore, you can add more colours to create more images according to the following example.


[shape]_weights should be added up to 100 (optional) and the less the shape weights the less likely it will be populated.

\\ random.choices(your list, weights) is the method that returns a list with the randomly selected element from the specified sequence. [weights] is the possibility for each value.
new_image ["Circle"] = random.choices(circle, circle_weights)[0]
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Armen Minassian

background = ["Blue", "Orange"]
background_weights = [30, 40]

circle = ["Blue", "Orange"]
circle_weights = [30, 15]

square = ["Blue","Orange"]
square_weights = [30, 15]

turtle = ["Blue","Orange"]
turtle_weights = [30,15]

For example I added a new attribute called turtle above ^. But when the composite is formed the result images are only of the turtle and it doesn't include any of the orange or blue backgrounds or squares and circles.

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Victor Quan Lam Author • Edited on

Can you try to add a new composite? It will let the processor know which combination of shapes you want to generate.

for item in all_images:

    im1 ='./layers/backgrounds/{background_files[item["Background"]]}.jpg').convert('RGBA')
    im2 ='./layers/circles/{circle_files[item["Circle"]]}.png').convert('RGBA')
    im3 ='./layers/squares/{square_files[item["Square"]]}.png').convert('RGBA')

// add this line of code
    im4 ='./layers/squares/{square_files[item["Turtle"]]}.png').convert('RGBA')

    #Create each composite
    com1 = Image.alpha_composite(im1, im2)
    com2 = Image.alpha_composite(com1, im3)

// add new combination 3
com3 = Image.alpha_composite(com2, im4 )

    #Convert to RGB
    rgb_im = com3.convert('RGB')
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You can use for statement to handle this process better. something like this

for shape in shapeList:
    // generate rgb_img....
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