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Discussion on: Step by Step Guide to NFTS creation and sale for beginners using OpenSea

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Victor Quan Lam Author
  1. Do I have to own the copyright of the file I upload? Yes you do own the copyright of the file you upload. According to OpenSea's term of services, users are required to agree that nfts "will not contain material subject to copyright or other proprietary rights".
  2. Can I sue anyone who downloads the file from that I've uploaded, without buying the corresponding token? No, you can't sue someone that downloads, snip or screenshot the nfts. OpenSea will only have the power to protect your ownerships on their platform. 3.Can I sue anyone who uploads the same file anywhere else, or maybe even on again to create his own token? I'm not sure if you can sue anyone in this case but OpenSea reserves the right to remove the repeat infringers. Therefore, you can definitely report the repeat infringers via their email: