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re: Kind of a different direction....but I recently added a section of my blog called Shorts. The goal is to post tweet-sized bits of content (ideas,...

Thank you Scott, this is excellent. I had some unformed notions along this line, about finding a venue for micro-blogging with the same concerns you have. It’s what originally took me to Mastodon, though I can’t quite put a finger on why that isn’t the solution for me either. Your idea sounds promising!

I can create a separate RSS feed with Hugo as well. What are you using for the hook that formats your shorts for Twitter?


I generate a separate feed ( and use Zapier to send it to Twitter.

The code is very Jekyll/Ruby focused:

  • Title + Content
  • Link_URL (a link to an external source)

If the above is over 280 characters, I try to intelligently truncate it and include a link to my blog post. This gives me the flexibility to write more and then have post finished on my blog.

Thank you Scott! This is inspirational!

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