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How do you become independent? 🤔

victorhazbun profile image Victor Hazbun twitter logo github logo ・1 min read

How would you migrate from an 8 hrs job in order to create your own business?

Some "constraints":

  • I'm economically responsible for my family
  • No support from family
  • No credit access
  • Living in a third world country

I see myself doing these things:

  • Publishing screencasts
  • Mentoring
  • Writing books
  • Making workshops
  • Blogging

Thanks for your advice.

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If you have a good idea, you may want to start working on it as a side project, keeping your 8-hours job as long as you need.

Even with part-time investment on your project, you will get quite soon a feeling if people are interested in it.

I am not sure I agree with our analysis of employee vs owner though. Actually, owners do not get fired, their business get bankrupt. Probably, it is even worse to be the boss of a bankrupted company than just losing ones job.


If your company bankrupt that will be a win since you learn some lessons but if you get fired you will get troubles to get hired again.


I am not sure what is the greatest stigma, having bankrupted a company or being fired as an employee. In France, the greatest stigma would be on the person having bankrupted a company, which, in some situation, may even lead to legal pursuits.


Just out of curiosity, why do you prefer having your own business?


I don't think employees make more income than their CEOs, right?
I also believe that employees can be fired at any time with no notice but owners can't (in most of the cases).
Owners can take decisions, employees obey them.

The list can grow..


I also believe that employees can be fired at any time with no notice

Not true everywhere. In the UK (and possibly EU) we're protected with notice periods (usually 4 weeks), and laws that prevent unlawful dismissal.

It's great for you in UK, but the rest of the world is completely different.

You know, with this approach of yours, you'll be a terrible CEO. Steve Jobs pointed the direction, not gave orders.
If you want to succeed like in UK, do it like in UK, not like in a plantation. As a worker I disobeyed "orders" countless times, and interestingly people still want me to work for them. Hell, my manager once told me that as senior dev it's my duty to refuse to do something if I don't believe it's a good choice.


You own my eternal gratitude. Thanks for the advice.


Thank you for this question. I could nt answer you as I dont have any experience in this but my idea is same as yours.

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