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Tools for generating REST API docs rapidly?

You should consider optic. It monitors your traffic and gener...

Getting into Google - My Path

Thank you for sharing Chidera. You didn't add the physical co...

Selecting elements in children components within CSS modules

Thank you for helping me solve my issue.

Handling Injection Attacks With JavaScript

Input fields usually need no custom validation on the client....

How to Politely Correct Someone Who's Wrong

Thank you for sharing.

How to Return multiple functions and values while working with REST APIs (Part 1)

Nice article Do you have any particular reason for using a ...

The journey is only 1% finished

Congratulations boss

Dominating Web Development Trends 2022💥

Great content. Though it looks like a large ad. 👀

What is TCP/IP? Layers and protocols explained

Nice illustrations. Thank you for sharing!

Create A Serverless School Management System with React, Auth0 and FaunaDB

I will look into it. Thank you for pointing this out.

Cannot Edit in Read-Only Editor

So, there are many situations where read-only editors are imp...

How to get more followers on Twitter. A realistic approach.


One open source project for admin panels, CRUD apps, & internal tools

Thank you for such an amazing tool

Serverless September 2020: Call for Contributions


Is TypeScript the future of web development?

True Many approaches to web development would exist as we pr...

Go automate your GitHub profile README

Ah More innovation

📚📚📚 What's on your Reading List? Please share it!

25 ways to excel with Excel 35+ Free React templates and the...

Critical productivity tools for developers

If you primarily use your browser, then use momentum Todo lis...

Critical productivity tools for developers

Is your struggle distraction? Tell me more about your strug...

Who is a Product Manager

I like the military analogy

How I went from Frontend Dev to Machine Learning Engineer

Wow That's quite a leap. Was there any motivation to move f...

Look mom, I'm a GitHub Action Hero

This is such an inspiring interview. Way to go Victoria Drake

Stop Worrying About What to Learn Next as a Developer

I think what drives people to keep learning the shinny tools ...

What are some misconceptions about web development?

Web development is the core of software engineering

June 12th, 2020: What did you learn this week?

I learned how to build, configure and deploy Serverless Funct...

Managing State in Small Apps

Thanks a lot Aaron.

Tailwind CSS for skeptics - Interactive Tailwind CSS tutorial

I actually prefer this. You probably never need a stylesheet ...

What was your win this week?

I got into an internship with a FinTech company. It's surpris...

2 Years of Coding: My Journey

Thank you for the compliment.

Shopping cart app using BLoC pattern in Flutter

It's not actually from VsCode. It's code-highlighted markdown...

Hasura 101: Building a Realtime Game with Graphql, Postgres, and React

Alright, thanks

Hasura 101: Building a Realtime Game with Graphql, Postgres, and React

Thank you for this post Ali Spittel. What did you use to sho...

Playing with GraphQL yoga and mongoose

Thanks for the tutorial Aurel Kurtula. You are doing well.

How to become a Frontend Dev 👩‍💻👨‍💻 +the Frontend checklist✅

Nice article You referred to your readers as users 😄

How Our Stack Evolved in 10 Years

He is referring to his company's stack.

Creating a Simple Express JWT Authentication Middleware with Express-Kun (No need of setuping Passport!)

No need to write another. Just compile the code in this post...

Creating a Simple Express JWT Authentication Middleware with Express-Kun (No need of setuping Passport!)

Great writeup man. Please, upload the full code to GitHub so...

Who are your favorite writers here on DEV?

Laurie Barth is my all-time favourite. She writes about her d...

Introduction to Using Async/Await in Python

Awesome post bro. Though you mixed gists and native code high...

Please stop doing this in your resume

Thanks for the tips Carlos.

Building a URL shortening service with NodeJS and MongoDB. Deploy to Azure.

The short url is long 😄 Nice article. Though we'd need to...

Getting started with Flask - "Hello World Wide Web!"

The app didn't run on my machine. I used export FLASK_APP...

Classes in Dart

Hey @gvetri . I feel you should cover this part of your ser...

Flutter development coming from a web background

Yeah, I did.

Chingu Cheetah Dash Prep-pack (so you don't freak out before we start)

Cool 🇳🇬

Building a galery with Gatsby, Google Sheets and Netlify

Nice post. You should make a post about creating pages with...

How I deployed Codesandbox Apps to Heroku

Is it just me or has codesandbox removed support for heroku...

Finally Letting Go of Tutorial Hell

Wow Thanks a lot.

Finally Letting Go of Tutorial Hell


Finally Letting Go of Tutorial Hell

That was part of the challenge? I haven't seen any like tha...

Finally Letting Go of Tutorial Hell

Yeah Most real projects have no tutorial because it's usual...

Finally Letting Go of Tutorial Hell

It certainly is...

Building a React Native Chat App – Part One: Basic Messaging

Hello, I'm having issues running the app I'm my Android emu...