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Operation: Franchising as a Veteran

vickilanger profile image Vicki (she/her) ・1 min read
  • always wanted to own a business
  • developing isn't your whole life
  • spent some years in the military

If you're like me, this might be for you.

I never really saw myself as a franchisee, but some good things that come along with it. For one, you're less likely to fail since there are more people with a vested interest. Also, buying into a franchise is like forking a repo that already has great docs, a proven track record, and people that can answer your questions.

Last month, Entrepreneur magazine put out Top 150 franchises that support veterans. The list ranges from home repair services to food venues, has several gyms and auto repair shops. Here's a shortlist of some that stood out to me.

Franchise Startup Cost Franchise Fee Vet Incentive Why it made my shortlist
Jet's Pizza $438K-$631K $25K 50% off franchise fee or area development fee The pizza is fantastic
FastSigns $197K - $313K $50K 50% off franchise fee signage will always be in demand
Baskin-Robbins $94K - $402K $13K - $25K first store franchise fee waived; reduced royalty fee for first 5 years low costs, high margins, ice cream

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