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Discussion on: Coming back to development after a decade away

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Vicki (she/her)

True. I bug my spouse about this very thing. I think you're both the same-ish age.

Yeah, one would hope opportunities would always be available. I'm sure there will still be plenty.

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Will👨🏾‍💻✨(he/they) Author

The advantage to being a late bloomer and a lifelong screw up is perspective. I’ve been doing a lot of what I thought I should have been doing and failing because I didn’t want it. Now I have the presence of mind to go for what I want to do without feeling like I’m losing anything by compromising.

Scary, but less paralyzing than if I were still in my 20s.

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Judit Lehoczki (she/her)

I'm not religious but Amen to that! 😄
I'm in my thirties getting into software development for the first time. Absolutely loving it!
Good luck to you.

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Vicki (she/her)

Perspective is good. I think it's often hard to do what you want to when expectations (eg society, parents, mentors, role models, etc) are often very different.

Glad you're doing it now. Go get it!