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I've been doing small CS problems when I realized the IDE was an overkill. Switched to Vim because all the cool kids were doing it. Three years later, I still use it for practically all of my web apps.


Vim for me too. After learning it and installing a couple of modules it becomes very powerful and easy to use.


Switched to Vim because all the cool kids were doing it.

That's a quite bad reason. If you're feeling ok with it that's good, but maybe you're missing out.


That's a quite bad reason.

I know! :D

maybe you're missing out

I've actually tried other editors, but I don't feel like I've given them enough time. Today I'm going to setup the VS Code and use it for a week or two just to see if things will become easier to me.


Okay, it's just about a week now. Today I switched back to Vim.

VS Code is a good editor, but it didn't give me anything a terminal couldn't give. And I really missed the close integration with my terminal.

That said, that was an interesting experience, thank you for the idea.


Didn't try that but seems pretty pragmatic and reviewers love it. I'm going to leave it for practice later :)

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