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Discussion on: Three Steps I Took to Get a Job Offer From Amazon

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This article is really inspirational for me. I recently gave an interview with big financial firm. Where I had 4 hr interview with group of 7 people. But I couldn't make it through as I didn't prepared for behavior questions. And I felt that while going through my last behavior interview. I am quite confident with my technical skills but once it comes to case / behavior questions I realized myself how unprepared I was. Your blog really inspired me. Definitely I am planning to take notes from your article and prepare accordingly.

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Alex Fallenstedt Author

Good luck on your next attempt! Interviewing is a win win situation, regardless if you get an offer. You either get the job, or you learn more about the interview process. I am sure next time you will do much better.

Let me know how your next interview goes. :)

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Dhruv garg

That's a nice point of view. :)