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re: Svelte is the most beautiful web framework I've ever seen VIEW POST


Cool writeup, thanks!! Gave the interactive docs a go a couple of months ago, really neat and catchy stuff indeed. I mostly use React, seen a bit of vue and ng, and what I most like is the verbose and clean JavaScript and I guess good (fast and fun) learning curve(?). The mustaschy template style is not a minus, I can go with it. Will give a go to your live coding sess. Would you mind making a comparison to Ionic's latest Stencil One? Ref: It is a compiler thing also, where in the post they manage to get even smaller bundle size than the amazing Svelte. Crazy times to be alive.


Thanks! I actually took a first look at Stencil last week, before I checked out Svelte. I like a lot of things about it, but I'm not a fan of using decorators and classes. Svelte, on the other hand, has so little boilerplate it boggles the mind.

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