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Nishant | The Vedic Developer
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✍️ DAY 4 - My Best Investments 💰, Being a College Student 🎒

🌤 13℃ | ⏳ 6:45 PM | 🗓 13th October | 🌎 Niagara Falls

It’s really windy outside 💨… yess, WINTER IS COMING.

Although I really don’t have any strong reason to go outside, event entire next week, but still I really like the sun 🥹. I am talking this today…

Because of this 😔👇

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Although still there is hope… but this really ruins the plan (not for me, as I am a developer and working from home 🙂).

The most powerful weapon begin a student you get is your STUDENT ID 🎒, and since I am taking about it, I would like to take this opportunity to really thanks to all those Insta reels and YouTube shorts maker who creates short videos, helps you to unlock your true power and makes you aware about your true potential.

Have a look at my student ID photograph 👇
My Student ID Photograph 🤣

The only best things that I can conclude from my 24 months college life is taking unfair advantage of student Id.

I won’t even imagine, that How much my student ID saved me in a new country 🇨🇦.

I really enjoyed every single free subscription which were provided by the companies on my student id.

🤩 Subscriptions that I really enjoyed…

Adobe Creative Cloud

It’s been almost 2 months after I completed my college studies… but I think my college didn’t deleted yet my account from there Active Directory. It’s good for me because now I have a lot of time “comparatively 😅” .

Adobe acrobat for editing pdfs and Adobe Premiere Pro for editing videos were THE BEST SOFTWARE, so much features and so powerful. All I can say that I will definitely purchase the licence again once my college revoke my access.

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I don’t need to explain about this piece of Gold. Have a one year subscription for FREE of such a great tool is itself a blessing in disguise.

Image description

I squeezed every single drop of creativity from me using this tool. I created banner for my YouTube Channel (Later dropped the plan, as I didn’t like the name of my channel 🤣). Same with my 3 others insta profile.

The art that I was creating with Canva, was looking so nice to me that I didn’t regret my plan of dropping my YouTube channel in being perfect.

This is another awesome tool for which I ready to pay whatever they are asking (Believe me 😌, I am ready to comprise my budget as well)

GitHub Student Developer Pack

GitHub is one of those website which opened a lot of opportunities for me. It basically helped to see other planets in the galaxy.

Before GitHub, I was like a frog in a well, who was thinking that this well is only my world. But GitHub provides me to extra spring to take higher jumps.

GitHub Student Developer Pack, introduced me with those tools that the modern industry were using. Because of it, I got to know about Microsoft Azure, Discord, Figma, Namecheap, IntelliJ Idea, Digital Ocean, Stripe and what not…

In short it opens door for me to enter the world of Open Source 💙

Image description

IntelliJ IDE

Although VS Code has no comparison, a heavy IDE has it’s own advantages. Although I didn’t use it extensively but since I was getting something which is FREEMIUM, why shouldn’t I give it a try.

Image description

I stopped it using because my previous laptop was very slow… That’s why I named him “BUNTY” (from tera sabun slow hait kya 🤣)

Amazon Prime

I like Netflix most, but some of the famous Indian web series like Mirzapur, The Family Man, Bandish Bandit… etc

Image description

Getting subscription free for 6 months is really a good deal, and beside form Prime Videos, you are also getting Prime Games, Prime Music and other Prime perks…

YouTube Premium

YouTube doesn’t give you anything for free, but being a student they will charge less.

I really don’t need a Premium subscription for youtube just to avoid apps, but the feature and benefits we get as Premium member on the YouTube apps is really time saving.

And you are getting YouTube music with it… 🥳

Other Subscription I used being a student…
Microsoft Azure Credits, Google Cloud Credits

I really advise all my fellow mates, that if you are a student then enjoy the FREEMIUM products, even if they are not free and asking for credit cards give them and used the products, you will get good sense of your personal style and products choice. YOU WON’T REGRET IT.

That’s it… Thanks for reading so far..

Quick update !

📖 Book Reading: Show Your Work (not reading, because of my Kubernetes 30 Days Challenge)
🚀 What I learned to day: ☸️ Kubernetes- Passing Pod and Container information to the Container.

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