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Discussion on: Using Camunda with .NET

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Nicklas Wessel • Edited on

It would be helpful if you could introduce what it is in the beginning.
I'm still clueless to what this package can do for me or what it is at all :)

Also, you have just copy/pasted everything from github. I'm confused

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Silvan Author

The idea is that not everyone need to care about generating the REST-Client itself. So you can just use the pre-buildet Nuget package. And yes it's more or less the same as on github. This blog post should be a oppertunity for me to share my project further.

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Nicklas Wessel

I think it is fine to share your project.
But i think it would be good to explain what Camunda is, or link to their page, since i thought your project was Camunda, and I'm still not sure what problem it solves.

We need some background :) the project looks cool though