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You should listen to some Mike Acton stuff sometime. He dives into how oop shouldn't be the end all be all approach for everything. He's a big advocate of data oriented design. He can be a bit abrasive about it sometimes, but he's a pretty entertaining speaker. I think he's working for Unity now, which should be interesting to see if Unity starts embracing a bit of the data oriented design process down the road.


Thanks for the suggestion. I've found <CppCon 2014: Mike Acton "Data-Oriented Design and C++"> on Youtube, i'm listening now :)


I'll look into this. Bit of searching, for something non-video, is this good introduction? gamesfromwithin.com/data-oriented-...

On OO, I read the following articles a while ago:

I am more in enterprise-development (sigh) than game-development, where Java is used a lot. The observations and critique on OO I found very recognizable.

When you strip away everything that sucks about OO, you end up with dynamic binding and a nice module system.

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