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A person who knows exactly what's going on. I know it sounds obvious but in my life, I've been working with a lot of bubble heads who don't even know what's going on with the product or the team.

You don't have to be a genius to lead the team. Sometimes, you only need to check in frequently to know what your team is doing.

My team leader isn't a know-it-all. He asks a lot of questions about back-end system since he's more about project management. He doesn't know a lot about SEO or coding, but he asks us.

We use a lot of productivity apps to keep the flow going and enhance the team collaboration.

No one can know everything. The key is to keep the communication between team members and learn from each other.


Kind of agree, but when he's making wrong technical decisions it's bad... Depends on the role of the tech lead in the company, but if he makes tech decision he should to have strong technical skills, otherwise it's becoming a mess.

I've dealt with really good tech lead as a person, but not very good programmer and it's very very frustrating. He doesn't have to be the best, but I think he should at least be strong in tech.


Well if they was good person, for me it means that they are not intimidate to ask help from the team or other people with experience, able to facilitate others work, able to admit limit of their knowledge and let people work. If it wasn't the case - the "lead" part (from "tech lead") is missing.

Totally agree, the "lead" part was missing, or at least a part of the "lead" part ahah.

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