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Discussion on: No, you don't need to learn the language before you learn a framework

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Stephan Nijman

Good point. Just take the countless Javascript developers, like me, that started out with jQuery just because it was much easier. Knowing vanilla Js or Css wil probably make you more proficient in React or Bootstrap, but if these frameworks click with you you can always dive deeper later!

Especially for new dev's. Just have fun. There is nothing greater, and stimulating, than to build something that works, and if React helped you do that it's great. Just learn how things work under the hood later! :)

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Tyler Smith Author

I couldn't agree with you more, Stephan! I only learned vanilla JavaScript deeply after learning jQuery, Vue.js and React. I'm unashamed to say I still frequently reach for jQuery: it's a great little library.

All of these are just tools: it's what you build with them that matters.