re: What has programming taught you that you keep-in-mind/use in your daily life? VIEW POST


"Programming is the art of doing one thing at a time" (source: Working Effectively with Legacy Code by Michael Feathers). This applies to both the code itself and the act of programming. Don't refactor and add features at the same time. Keep your commits small. etc. In life, it's a kind of mindfulness mantra. "Do one thing at at time. Wherever you are, there you are."

Another adage that my dad taught me which comes up a lot in programming and in life:

"Slow down; you'll go faster" and "Do it right; do it once" (the latter is semi-equivalent to DRY "Don't Repeat Yourself" but also it about trying to find the right approach the first time)


I really liked the "Programming is the art of doing one thing at a time". Also "Slow down, you..." once again proves that having technical debts will decrease your project's pace.

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