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Currently: Cooler Master QuickFire Stealth Tenkeyless. Cherry MX Brown switches.

I recently (as in just put in by drawer a few minutes ago) tried the Kinesis Advantage 2 as I started having pain from my thumbs rolling under my palm to access the Command key about a thousand times a day.

I knew there would be an adjustment period and I dedicated myself to basically relearning how to touch type with the Advantage. I finally got to where I could code without stumbling around.

But the special keys (command, alt/option, and control) were in just too weird of a spot. I use these keys A LOT in coding and some of the combinations were just too weird, e.g. Command+Control+Up in Xcode goes between the header/implementation/tests of a file in Objective-C.

That's just one example, but relearning a dozen other commands that I can intuitively on a "normal" qwerty keyboard was just too much.

Instead, I'm going to try using my right Command or move my whole left hand when using the left Command key.

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