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I've been listening to this Programming Music playlist for years. Seriously, years. By this point the very first few notes of the first song instantly put me into "the zone." This playlist and I have spent hundreds of hours together in crunch times and late nights up (and browsing and reddit lol).

I think, like most people, I end up in this loop though:

do {
  if (quiet || noisy);
  code(); // can easily throw InterruptionException usually caused by a tap on the shoulder #FIXME
  if (code == hard) headphones.pause(); // to think...
} while (true) // inf loop

Yep lol. I had to laugh at the part that said pause to think lol. Its like a meme I saw a while ago. That says turns down the radio when driving to be able to read the address of a house better. Also I added the playlist to my spottily will check it out.

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