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re: My first computer was an original about 1994. Wasn't exactly the hottest machine on the scene but I had fun with it. It wasn't "my" comput...

The first laptop that I bought was the same Macbook going into college. 2006, Core Duo, 32-bit, came with 512MB of RAM. I think I got the "upgraded" 80GB HDD over the base 60GB lol. Bought it with a $1k small scholarship. For the longest time, it was the first thing I ever owned that I had worked for and earned.

If I recall, the processor was the only 32-bit processor ever put in a Macbook. I remember the palm rests being constantly dirty and the edges would eventually splinter giving you great cuts on your wrists. The bottom could get so hot you could fry an egg on it. I drove that thing into the ground but also kept upgraded it along the way. Upping the RAM, HD, and eventually replacing the battery.

But boy do I miss that laptop. It was what go me through my first few years of college and what I wrote my very first programs on.

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