re: Devs, why do you use terminal tabs over tmux windows? VIEW POST


Command+#: one key combo, muscle memory (browser tabs use the same shortcut), native so it's near instant, can easily pull tabs out and move to another window, move into another window, or put side-by-side

Ctrl-b, #: two key combo, not-native (there's a lag equal to the tmux timeout)

To me: tmux does not have much use for terminals on my local machine.

I use tmux for any remote host, but locally tmux doesn't provide me anything. The only thing I'm worried about is my Mac giving a kernel panic. Tmux doesn't protect against that.

Vim can save sessions. My shell keeps my history, which I can Ctrl-r to search back through (P.S. adding a #comment to shell commands really helps with this). My paths are kept short or I use symlinks to quickly get back to where I need to be. I write scripts.

BTW iTerm has tmux integration so that iTerm tabs == tmux tabs. Just add -CC to any tmux commands.

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