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I wore contacts in college, and when I played CoD:MW2 I wore Gunnars and was really impressed. It really did help with eye strain. They also had a weird benefit of shifting colors, which seemed to also make it easier to see targets.

After college, I switched back to glasses as I had (unrelated) slightly scratched my cornea (Protip: DONT SLEEP WITH YOUR CONTACTS IN). I got glasses that have a little anti-glare built in. They're super hard to keep clean but they make working in an office with overhead florescent light bearable.

I also use f.lux and night shift, but more as a way for my computer to subtly tell me "hey, you're working after hours. Maybe go home?"

One thing that I do against-the-grain for eye strain is that I use black text on white background for my terminal and code. I've tried dark themes, but I don't like the shift it requires to go between dark themed programs (Sublime, IntelliJ, iTerm) to normal text like websites, Outlook, and Word. It feels like I'm inverting my eyes! So I just have everything be black on white.

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