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re: The Hawaii Missile Alert Was the Software Developer's Fault VIEW POST

re: If they were both part of the same "dropdown", I'd think that the whole form might have contained an "are you sure" message. So if the form always ...

Agreed. The interface apparently had a confirmation, but if the confirmation is the same for "Test Alert" and "Actual Alert", then that is a failure of design.

The confirmation for the Test Alert should be boring and grey.

The confirmation for the Actual Alert should be hella loud and striped.

Loud and striped is never the solution. It should simply be distinct enough from the test scenario, and require additional and unique steps to perform.

"require additional and unique steps to perform."

I completely disagree. There should be a single difference between the actual and a drill.

Is this a test or a drill? Yes/No

If the test steps and the real steps are different, then what's the point of a drill?

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