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Vadim Filimonov
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I'm tired of Awesome WM

For those who don't know, Awesome WM is a tiling manager for Ubuntu. In other words, a graphical environment, instead of Gnome or KDE.

If you understand it, it can make your life much easier. I won't list all the good points, just tell you what I personally liked about it.

  1. It's easy to use. I often had to use all sorts of antiques that I would not pull above WIndows XP. Awesome has all the niceties "Absent", which gives a tremendous boost to performance.

  2. Window Behavior. The windows "always" take up their free space on the screen. Very handy if you have a lot of open programs on multiple desktops.

  3. Desktops on two monitors. In xfce I have encountered the problem that 1 desktop spreads across 2 screens at once. I.e. if I turn on desktop number 5 on the first monitor, it will also switch to the second one. Long hours of googling gave me no results. Awesome WM doesn't have this problem by default.

But those were the pluses. So why am I switching back to xfce after all? I guess I just missed the interface. Maybe not the prettiest one, but at least some.

Doing trivial things from the command line or configuring keyboard shortcuts via the Lua programming language is just boring to me.

For now, I'll sit on classic Xubuntu. In the future, I may try other graphical systems. Or I may even switch to Mac.

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