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Focus Changing Window Behavior / Xubuntu Workspaces

I actively use Xubuntu workspaces. I open applications on the same positions, so I can quickly switch between them.
But there are moments of inconvenience.

Let's say I have Google Chrome open on space #1 and Telegram on space #3. If I open a link in Telegram, Google Chrome will move from workspace #1 to workspace #3, where Telegram is.

I've been working with Awesome WM for a very long time and am used to its system. There, if you open a link in Telegram, the first workspace on the workspace bar just lights up red. That's why, moving the window in Xubuntu seems inconvenient to me.

It's elementary to solve this problem:

Search for "Windows Manager (Advanced)".

Image description

Switch to the "Focus" tab and set the radio button to "Switch to window workspace" or "Do nothing", as you prefer.

If you want to open several links in a row, the last point is better.<br>

Perhaps this topic does not deserve as much attention as I have given it, but it is the little things like this that determine whether or not it is convenient to work at the current OS.

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