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Cursor highlighting in AwesomeWM + Xubuntu

I do not know about other operating systems, but when I show the screen in Skype, my interlocutor does not see the mouse cursor ¯_(ツ)_/¯

In Xubuntu it is possible to illuminate the cursor:

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To bind this in Awesome WM, open rc.lua, find the clientbuttons variable and add a new line:

clientbuttons = gears.table.join(
    awful.button({ }, 1, function (c) client.focus = c; c:raise() end),
    awful.button({ modkey }, 1, awful.mouse.client.move),
    awful.button({ modkey }, 3, awful.mouse.client.resize),
    awful.button({ modkey, "Control" }, 2, function () awful.util.spawn("xfce4-find-cursor") end))
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In this case, the command will be triggered at: Win + ctrl + mouse wheel.

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