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Pair Programming is like sex. Done consensually and with the right partner, it can be a most beautiful and gratifying experience.

I just had to stop myself as I began laughing my ass off.

Sociopaths work amongst us.

YES. Too many ways to make our work better, like remote work or Agile, rely on the assumption of a low douchebag to normal people ratio. I have worked on small Scrum teams where we popped through a project like fresh bubble wrap, and others where the presence of that guy meant we got nothing done.

The reason for some methodologies, like Agile, is to enable your best developers and those most likely to act in good faith, to remove obstacles. These tend to rely more on "individuals and interactions."

Other methodologies and processes, on the other hand, exist to force your shitty devs acting in bad faith to not actively sabotage things in the name of some misguided careerism. These tend not to have anything to do with Agile.

I'm very careful nowadays to assess what kind of people I'm dealing with before I decide whether to start putting "People over Processes" and doing other high-effectiveness agile-type stuff.

Ever read "In Sheep's Clothing"? I have experienced that first hand.

Should be required reading for CS majors.


I haven't read 'In Sheep's clothing', so just bought in on Kindle :) The late Pieter Hintjen's 'the Psychopath code' is another good book on the subject.

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