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5 Web Dev Myths That Will Change In 2021

uzomezu profile image Kevin Mezu ・2 min read

1. JavaScript is ONLY a Frontend Language


JavaScript is the dominant programming language in web development. According to W3Schools, it has slowly overtaken C, and will become much, much more than just a way to interact with DOM. Node JS and Express web servers brought about the popular buzzword Full Stack JS. JavaScript is a bountiful language and has ample opportunity for growth, so get started and push the limits!

2. React.js is Going to go out of style


React.js has GROWN Up since it's 2013 release date.
Alt Text
With great documentation and browser support, it is certainly going to be useful in the long-run. With popular innovations like:

React is an excellent place to start and continue learning frontend development.

3. You ONLY need to know MongoDB/SQL to be Full stack


I notice a lot of developers becoming reliant on MongoDB or even resisting it all together and sticking to SQL/PostgreSQL instead.

In 2021, Learning Amazon Web Services (AWS) and getting acquittanced with the ecosystem will be a defining skill for developers in 2021. I want to push the creativity of my REST API's by integrating:

4. Getting an Internship is harder now than before


Developers have an abundance of supportive spaces and opportunities to network. Now is a great time for developers to start making connections, and to get hired!

This is the single best time to:

  • Create YouTube Channel
  • Get active on LinkedIn
  • Writing on and Medium
  • Commit to GitHub Repos
  • Join Slack Groups

Tik-Tok even has a great community of developers, and linkedIn professionals that can help you be job ready, or just for a quick laugh. Your time is NOW!

5. WebDev is becoming oversaturated


The technical industry is in a healthy state, and no matter what the news or critics say, the workforce needs more professionals to enter the workforce!

According to CompTIA (n.d.):

  • 4.6 million job postings were made for tech occupations in 2019
  • $1.9 trillion estimated direct economic output of the tech industry
  • 1.6 million number of software and web developers - the fastest growing category in tech right now

Alt Text


Please allow yourself the time to read the resources above, and develop your opinions about the tech industry as of today. Now is a great time to get active within your networks to open up to the over 12.1 million opportunities (Comptia, n.d.) in development right now!


Comptia. (n.d.). 2020 Tech Industry Job Market & Salary Trends Analysis: Cyberstates by CompTIA. Retrieved January 10, 2021, from

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oliverleitner profile image
Oliver Leitner

that is a wishlist, right?

moopet profile image
Ben Sinclair

I haven't heard anyone say #1 for about 8 years, and I've never heard anyone say #3.
Do people really consider front-end-plus-SQL to be "full stack"? Because either you're using the SQL in the front end or you're doing a lot more back-end stuff around whatever code runs it. Right?

romnycristopher profile image
Romny Cristopher

3 is it a Developer or a DevOps that you need? These are totally different positions!

trynaengineer profile image

Welp... Web Development being oversaturated is no longer a good excuse not to learn.