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Muhammad Uzair
Muhammad Uzair

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help me to plan my first project

I want to create my first FYP project . I want to create mobile app (flutter) and it's website (html, css, js) ny using same backend for both (express, mongoDB)

How can i do that ?

Please elaborate the mechanism bit as it is my first project

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I think for your first project, you should go a bit easier. Maybe start with a frontend project and then move your way to the backend. A site with lots of projects is devchallenges. You can build a lot of projects on there.

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Pantelis Theodosiou

A good idea is to build an expense tracker. You can keep the mechanism simple.
Some basic requirements:

  1. Login/Register
  2. User should be able to add his/her monthly income (like a payroll)
  3. User should be able to add his/her daily expenses 3.1 It's good to have some fixed categories, such as (Expenses: bills, shopping, cafe, restaurants, etc. Incomes: Salary, gifts, etc) 3.2 User should be able to create new categories
  4. Reports about the current month

About the technologies
For the API: I would definitely choose ExpressJS and MongoDB
For the website: If you want to learn new technology and not go for HTML/CSS/JS, I would say to take a look at VueJS or ReactJS. Both of them require a small amount of time to learn the basics and build your first application.
For the mobile app: I'm not much familiar with this one, but I would choose React Native. But Flutter is a good option too.

I hope I gave you some useful info about your project. Keep in mind that there a lot of websites and tutorials that can help you with these technologies I mentioned before