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It's been few months i have started learning JavaScript, learned fundamentals and DOM Manipulation using JS. My initial plane was to become web developer before end of this year.
So in upcoming 3 moths i will learn Node, Express, MongoDB and will learn react next year if i wanted to.
So i know what is React and Node and their purposes.


Now i am confused whether i should learn React first then move to Node and backend. Here are some reasons why

Reason to learn React

1.My CSS and layouts skills are not good enough so i think it would be good idea to master(learn) one thing before moving to other side.
2.about to start learning UI/UX so kinda good mix with React and front-end.

  1. Job placement opportunities because of good experience in one skill.

Reason to learn Node.

  1. Most importantly, being student of cs who is about to graduate so i have to build a final year project maybe to implement idea i have.
  2. Taste of Backend, not sure whether i will love to work at front-end or back-end because i haven't worked on other side.
  3. Learning React is at end of day all UI worthless unless you have backend for it, so won't be able to execute my ideas.

Can't learn both because a semester is left in my 4 years graduation program. Few months where i have limited time to code, so final year project will be left

Would love to hear from you ⬇⬇

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On the way to become Web Developer πŸ™Œ


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I started off with the frontend before I learned the backend it just feels more natural in my opinion. It is better to be strong on the front end instead of a 50/50 split. Focus on getting good with javascript and react and then you can level up to the MERN stack.


I was thinking about that, but learning React doesn't seems to be straight forward. I may be end up in loop.


Many people say that React is not easy to learn but I found it quite simple. Just read the docs and watch lots of React tutorials on YouTube and make sure that you are actually practicing by building apps. Of course you should only do this after you have improved your javascript skills.


Backend is not that complex to learn and most applications have more or less similar backend with CRUD APIs. Frontend on the other hand usually is different for every application. So I would suggest to go forward with your original plan and quickly finish learning node.js, express and MongoDB. Then come to React and CSS and spend time learning frontend.


Well noted, Thanks. πŸ‘


I learned backend (with Node) waaay before front-end. As Vinit said, all backend technologies ressemble one another in their structure somehow, but it's not "hard" per se (if you're just building an API, like for your final project I imagine).

React is an amazing tool for front-end, but comes with a weird learning curve. I would advice you to learn react in 3/4 days with mini-projects and then build somehting learning both back + front at the saame time (you implement a simple CRUD API and then it's corresponding front page).

However note that you don't really need a backend at all to make an app!
1/ it could work 100% locally (a todo app for exaample)
2/ you can use "pre-existing" solutions for storage, and rely on them. We build pswd.app on full front-end, and are using Blockstack to store your passwords on the blockchain. No bakcend needed whatsoever


Thanks for your detail answer.
React is hot topic these days and have it's own learning world, as i can see online.
But learning React in 3,4 days will not be possible. As there are so many things JSX, Redux, hooks and stuff i haven't heard yet and will encounter once i start with React.


Oh sorry, I wasn't implying you would master react in 4 days. I was saying you could learn the basics of it and then advance both projects (front + back) at the same time. It's up to your preference at the end though.

And as Juan Manuel said, it's better to understand React well before going into redux (I personally don't like redux and don't use (even on an enterprise grade app))


Try to focus on React and really understanding it well before you try Redux, otherwise you'll be very confused and the process can actually take longer.


Frontend will be a lot more work as there are too many things that come together. Backends are based on APIs mostly, and they can be more or less mass-produced as compared to writing UI components. 🀣 So, in your case, going with backend is a no-brainer. Whether you will like it or not in the long run . . . that's another story. All the best!


i am in the field for past one year. I first learned React but cant complete it fully. then i moved to node which is better than react but after some time it starts to getting bore. So finally i started to work on a project for which i want to write both the back-end and front-end. Now i am more efficient in learning both react and node. So my opinion is learn back-end first and come to front-end



This may be helpful to get a grasp of a wide spectrum of technologies for both Frontend and Backend (and also React itself). This is very detailed and will take people a long time to go through (you probably don't need to know even 10% of this stuff to get a job, in my opinion!), but maybe it helps you get a sense of the possibilities.


React and Node are two completely different things; you don't need to know both of them to deploy. There are plenty of hosting services that take a plain React app and do the backend themselves, and you can always just send a plain HTML file with Node (what happened to simplicity-oriented design?).

You can totally make a sick graduating project with React only, Node only, and the sickest kinds of projects with both of them.


I would suggest not to start with React unless you are quite good at JavaScript first. React has a steep learning curve and learning it before you learn basic (HTML, CSS and vanilla JS UI development) might impact your understanding of UI development negatively. I would suggest to focus on vanilla JS, HTML, CSS first, once you master that anything else is just learning the APIs and looking up docs and can be done easily, be it NodeJS or React. If you must start with NodeJS


Try to build up a project where you use both, for react use function components, it's easier to learn, for node there are some templates of servers, try to run it first to see that it works then you add what you want gradually


learn front end first then back end


Really you need to learn pure javascript at first. When create few test - even for react - mandatory mock backend, and that is the point, where you know what you do.


Learn react, and toss Node-for-the-backend far, far, FAR away. Go with something else for server-side.


What is your preference when working on the backend? The MERN stack is quite popular. Even though I had a recruiter reach out today and the backend for the stack was either Java or Python which I don't know...


just learn svelte for front-end dude! you won't be disappointed πŸ˜‰

was a fan of react myself but then svelte came along and blew me away.