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Muhammad Uzair
Muhammad Uzair

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Help me Clear my tech stack Confusion (career)

Little background :

In 2018, 2019 i tried learning web development but failed as i wasn't consistent. In first lockdown of 2020 i took 100daysofcode challenge & learned JavaScript core + DOM manipulation then after a month or more break i learned node, express, mongoDB (mongoose). Now i know html, css, vanilla js , node, express, mongoDB.

My Initial plan:

MERN stack then React Native was my plan , so naturally React should be next, But

React :

Don't want because :

  1. Steep Learning curve.
  2. End result is not great (noy convinced with idea of web app over mobile apps (native feature access ))
  3. Literally all my teachers aren't interested in FYP in Web Tech. They (all) want to us to learn Mobile development.
  4. Flutter is going insane , everybody recommend.

want because :

I can see tons of React developers jobs online. I think there are more opportunities.

Flutter :

Don't want because :

  1. Small community ( can't easily find answers)
  2. Small number of packages & APIs support.
  3. Not much jobs at this time.
  4. Don't have much time to learn because my FYP next semester.
  5. Will forget JavaScript because i have learned that but not much development experience.

Want because :

  1. Miss Native features access. (At least wanna try )
  2. University teachers recommends Mobile App Development.
  3. Fast growing, more opportunities.
  4. Wasn't interested in Java to build apps , so it will be easier.

Looking for answers

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Martin Jablečník • Edited on

When I see your pros and cons in Flutter vs React Native so it looks that with React Native you will have more opportunities but with Flutter you will be more happy..
Flutter is still growing right now and maybe after 2-3 years will be here same amounts of opportunities as with React Native.
What I can recommend you: Try find how many companies in your town are now working with Flutter. If there are minimal 1 or 2 companies, try send him email if you can work in their company in the future. If they say yes, you can go into Flutter without worries. But if around you doesn't exists any company developing in Flutter so go into React Native or any other technology and after some years change it into Flutter..

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Hi! Have you decided? Imo you should go for Flutter as it promises a lot in the future. It's developed and supported by Google so we can suppose it'll get even better with updates. Also this year Flutter overcame React Native by popularity so I think its the right moment to enter this market. Also according to some articles about Flutter vs React Native, for example, and you can often see opinions that now, after all the updates, Flutter overcame RN in terms of usability, performance, coding, etc

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Muhammad Uzair Author

Yes, that's true. I haven't started learning Flutter yet. (This post reminded me how late I am). I was bit busy working on my FYP.
Now, I am confused choosing b/w UI/UX designing for mobile or Flutter development, I am just about to graduate and need to start freelancing. Flutter will take some time as confidence to take on projects take some time in programming, it is easier to take designing project.

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Wolfgang Schuster

This is highly dependent on where you live. For me, I could get a React job in about 5 min if I wanted any job, mobile might take a little longer.

As far as learning, the pattern of Mode, View, Update that's typically associated with React is also becoming more popular with mobile in SwiftUI, Kotlin Jetpack, and Microsoft's MAUI framework. (All of these are directly influenced by Elm's TEA (The Elm Architecture) pattern.

Unless you're building something processor or graphics intensive, building something with web tools isn't going to be that much different performance wise.

I personally am not a big fan of React Native or Flutter as I build mostly web apps and prefer to use either Elm or React (without the native), and if I were to build for mobile I'd make either a PWA (progressive web app) or use the mobile webview. Definitely biased here because I've been building web apps for 10+ years and when I've tried to do mobile dev I find it frustrating by comparison.