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CODE CAMP - A Virtual Hackathon

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The Year 2020, Hoped for well being, but it grown darker as the time passes by. The lockdown in major cities and towns due to COVID-19 Pandemic has ruined the life of people and that's not enough, it also had its effects over so many Students/Engineers from Schools/Colleges. They had spent enough months fighting the pandemic and now its time for real fun to get them back from where they started. Now It's the time for them to get back with their Projects ready to defeat the time of Recession and take the challenge for good. So Keeping this in mind we the team Indian Society For Technical Education Students' Chapter, SRM-NCR brings you the happiness to code again and worth yourself being a developer. We are ORGANIZING A HACKATHON CODE CAMP 1.0-A virtual Hackathon Camp for the Developers


What is CODE CAMP? πŸ€”

CODE CAMP is a virtual hackathon event organized by I.S.T.E on GitHub. The hackathon comes with a great opportunity for them who are willing to show their talent as a developer. It requires the very technical skills with a little mix of Team management and project management skills. The Hackathon will be on GitHub which we found a very helpful platform to connect with developers all over the world. and also it serves the very purpose of hackathons and project managements. The hackathon will be moreover a open source competition for all the students and developers. It would be long running event almost Upto 11 days.

What are the Advantages of participating in the Hackathons

  • Hackathons are proving grounds for new ideas. They’re especially good tools to stimulate the creative and problem-solving juices of developers. Unlike their day jobs where risk-taking may be frowned upon, in a hackathon there is a low cost of failure.

  • Hackathon brings a great opportunity for showing off developer skills.

  • Swags are the motivation points for many to take part in Hackathons.

  • Hackathons shows how better one can work within a team and execute his/her task before deadline.

Did You Hear GitHub? πŸ™‰

YES ! you did

Our Team choose GitHub as a platform for the following reasons:

  • It makes it easy to contribute to your open source projects
  • Version controlling
  • Manages Projects
  • We can raise an issue for the problems faced at the time of challenge.

The place where this hackathon will be organized

Let me walk you through the phases on the basis of which CODE CAMP hackathon will be conducted.

Phases of the hackathon

There are 4 phases of the Code Camp Hackathon πŸ”’


The participants will have to raise a Pull Request to the
repository ISTESRMNCR/CODE-CAMP-2020 official GitHub organization and submit their team profile as Instructed.

  • Phase 2. The Hack Days ⏳

The Hack Days are the Days that will be given to the Team to work on the project with the Selected THEME, when the Pull Request of the Team or the individual developer is accepted by the maintainer.

  • Phase 3. Submission Pull Request βœ…

This would be the last but not the least part of the Hackathon. There is more to come. In this phase team has to submit the Project by giving the links to their GitHub Repository and the hosted link for their projects.

  • Phase 4. Result Announcement πŸ†

Bravo! We made this long and now the day most awaited came. The winners will be decided on the basis of some parameter unlike those used in a function lol🀣!

The Results will be declared on official website of Indian Society For Technical Education

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Swags 😎

  • CODE CAMP Swag T-shirts for Winning Team
  • Cash Prizes
  • Certificates
  • Goodies & Giveaways from our sponsors.

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Who all are sponsoring us.

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The List is Quite long and we are very glad it is.

Did we got everything in just a stroke?

Actually ! The First shot is never the best more or less, I guess we have the same situation while constructing this event. we were not pretty sure, how we going to execute the event. But the Perfect saying is "If there's a will, There's a way" and now we are here with this event for you all.

How did we manage Everything?

Well! There is a great team behind every idea. So our team has done a great job and gave a tremendous results within such a less span of time. Thanks To them πŸ™

The Hackathon will be started from 15 July,2020

So what are you waiting for be a part of our Hackathon CODE CAMP 1.0

For more information contact Team ISTE, SRM-NCR drop us a mail on

For further information feel free to contact our GitHub Maintainer

Some important Link regarding Hackathon

Thanks πŸ™
Happy Coding πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»!

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