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My Experience at Local Hack Day by MLH

utkarshagarwal585 profile image Utkarsh Agarwal ・1 min read

Hi, I'm Utkarsh Agarwal. I'm pursuing my B.Tech in the field of CSE.
Recently I have participated in the Local Hack Day(LHD) Hackathon conducted by MLH. This was my first hackathon which I have participated. I was curious to know about the projects, community, guild and many more. And Really LHD will give me the right platform to increase my confidence, connections and skills. I have done many projects either it can be daily challenges and weekly challenges. I have accomplished most of the task. I have learnt many new technologies like AI, blockchain and many. And it is not a hackathon where I have to code only , It also having the fun activities like MS paint bob ross, cup stackling, Chrome Dino game which will give the refreshment to me. I like the task where I have to create the TicTacToe, twilio API concept, ellie design etc. It was the wonderful experience for me .
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