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re: I write and code! In a few hours, my fiancée and I are going to cycle along the coast. Then we'll probably code together. I also drink 2x as much c...

Haha nice. I try to cut back on coffee on the weekends. Generally try to not drink any caffeine at all since my body starts developing tolerance very quickly and before I know it, I'm drinking 3 large cups a day and can't sleep properly.


I have finally realized that coffee is a substitute for not sleeping enough.

I used to sleep 5 hours and so I needed to have coffee at least twice a day, especially in the MORNING.

Now, I barely have 2-3 cups of coffee in the whole week, never at work though, only at home.


I drink less coffee on the weekends, but not for lack of trying - whenever the brew finishes, it seems like then it’s time to get out and start going on errands, and gone are my delusions of curling up with coffee and a book!

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