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Discussion on: From Dev/staging to Production, Tips

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José Manuel Author

Awesome! and I was Thinking complete this with, how to maintenance the DB and how to change to production and do it some back ups

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Dávid Szabó

Database is a problematic one.

I have experience with MariaDB (mysql), but basically, you should use seeding and migration scripts to keep your database up-to-date with your app.

Most of the ORMs supports these. The problem comes when you have multiple instances of your api server and you would like to make a change to your database. You need to shutdown all of them to make the database change, otherwise your servers will fail. Adding a column to a table is costly.

Backups should be automated. You can easily create backups with some bash script and you can even upload it to dropbox or something just to be sure.

I think you are not talking about Facebook scale stuff so you can easily tell the visitors that the app/website is under maintainace for a while (database upgrade or system upgrade)

You shouldn't worry about this until you are not there. Once you reach that scale, you can worry about it ;)