Discussion on: Describe the worst coding culture you've been a part of

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My first job was for a small software company.
They hired three junior developers, all with extremely low pay (which I was fine with!)
The problem was, they expected senior level work, senior level speed, and senior level quality.
We could normally get the quality right, but out speed was lacking. Which is reminiscient of the old triangle saying, you can have two of the three: right, under budget, quickly. We were getting paid crumbs, and we could produce, but it normally took us a bit longer..

The other two devs were recent CS grads-- whereas I was a self-taught, bootcamp grad.
The other two devs were extremely hostile towards me, quick to criticize, nor did they approve of quality work I may have produced.
When you asked a question in regards to programming, they begrudgingly helped-- normally with a lot of sarcasm and looks of disapproval.

Now all this being said, I never let the hostile co-workers get to me, and could care less what they thought of me. It was a fantastic opportunity to learn from and it had made me realize what to avoid in a company.

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Yokim Pillay

I know the feeling!

I hope you've found a place that can help you build your knowledge and help you find your feet in this industry. 😊