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N+1 Queries, Batch Loading & Active Model Serializers in Rails

Usama Ashraf on March 16, 2018

The n+1 query problem is one of the most common scalability bottlenecks. If you’re comfortable with Rails, Active Model Serializers and already h... [Read Full]
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That is a great solution! I've never had the situation of loading related resources from a different database before, but if I ever do hopefully I remember this article!

Are there any other uses for the BatchLoader that you've come across?


Thanks. BatchLoader was made for essentially similar scenarios. However, I think it has greater utility with GraphQL where the n+1 hydra rears its head more frequently.


Hey, I already mentioned it in Usama's gist, but I've built a gem that tackles the problem of N+1 queries in Active Model Serializers.
You can find it here:

Keep on rocking!


“A Quickstart Guide for Serializer in Rails — Fast JSON API vs Active Model Serializer” by Gitanjali Mule

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