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Discussion on: How do you stay motivated?

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Usama Ashraf

It's different for different people. Everyone has their own definition of "meaningful" work.

For me it would be arranging a call with my CEO, CTO etc every 1-2 months and ask them how our product or service has progressed in terms of the actual number of people we're serving. This does not include just the people who have an account with us or have downloaded our app, rather our whole circle of influence, so to speak. Programmers in my view very often tend to get "lost in code" and boredom inevitably follows at some point in time. Someone showing you the bigger picture once in a while helps with that. It makes you re-realize that what you're doing is actually impactful. And I'm not talking about value-judging the impact at all (that's where everybody's own "meaning" comes in), just the scale of it.

Also, just hit the gym and keep some weights at home even.