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  • Evaluate your realistic chances of landing the job. Some factors to consider: experience with relevant technologies, your understanding of their business, product etc, past interview/coding test results, how desperate they are to fill the position. This might help cushion the blow afterwards.

  • Think rigorously and ask yourself if you're a good fit as per the JD and whether you even want the job.


  • Insist on them (politely) to give you meaningful, constructive feedback.

  • Follow their advice and don't rush to applying for other similar openings until you know you've covered some ground.

In general: contemplate, look at the bigger picture and consider the billions of people who don't enjoy a fraction of the privilege, opportunity or wealth that most of us do. Didn't get a callback from Morgan Stanley because Bjarne Stroustrup thinks you don't know jack about the C++ STL? Compare that to the basic living conditions of the vast majority of the world.
You'll be fine and your life will most likely improve, not decay. Perspective always helps.


Perspective always helps.

Thanks! Will try to look at the bigger picture and improve.

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