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What is Golang? Why use the Go? Pros & Cons

The coming up of the internet era makes sure things are getting arranged in the real and quick notion, to be very true. With so much happening in the world, there should be some real-time effort to get things sorted in the order.
With the internet group of things, working in the right scenario, with time, thinking of many languages coming up, will actually make up time and need for more languages to be taken in.

Why are the languages needed?

With so much attentiveness happening around the world for making sure things are getting organized, one can think of getting more opportunities. Thus to get things to work in the right manner, between systems and many other things when it comes to designing apps and applications, one can think of using many languages.
To date we have many things working out and even more, languages are getting developed for the cause of making apps and applications to be brought online.
Was Go in the picture earlier or there were more options earlier?
There were never are many options earlier, as they are now in the picture. To help the easiest and ready to go apps and applications to be developed, one can rely on the Ruby language.
But with changing times and more technology coming in the picture, one can think of making more and bringing more options in the scene.
With the new, helpful and robust language Go, one can think of building apps and applications that would be more self-supported.
With the help of Go language, one can think of making apps and applications that are independent of the tower of Python, Bundler, Redis, WSGI and some of the other technologies.

With so much of vibes coming about GO, let us take a deeper dig about, what is GO?

When it comes to syntax, Google’s Go language is the C language when it comes to the 21st century. Being an open-source programming language, it is very easy to get some help and simultaneously make things easy for the time being.
Being statistically types, this one produces compiled machine code binaries. With this new language tool, things one could be easily getting hands-on are:
Manage objects well, safety use the memory and manage objects and provide the static type with concurrency.
With the creation of Go, one has made it possible to get things into the right line, while combining many other aspects of the various languages. Few of such aspects that are combining include:
• Able to make the art of productivity possible with the ease of use possible
• Static typing being provided along with the right kind of high-level efficiency.
• Complete use of multi-core power while making advanced performance for networking possible.

How the usage of Go would be for your project’s betterment?

Not only it is a cute mascot for many of the reasons, but it also holds a promising place in the provision of many of the advantages as well. Soon after its release in 2001, Go started drifting to the top positions from the 65 number positions.
With the use of language Go, it is easier to be taken into use, due to its easy to be maintained nature and even when the same is compared to JAVA.
With the reason of not needing any virtual machine, No JAR hell and even no warming period along with some other more reason, have made things possible and easy for people to rely on the need of using Go language and thus more on getting their go training completed.

Few of the reasons, why one can depend on using Go more, are as follows:

• App development is not a hefty investment process anymore:

Go does not need any virtual machine or the interpreter, this one language makes sure that the coding is done in a more easy and sassy way! This language subsides the need of depending on the interpreter or the virtual machine thus making sure things are being made in the right and easier realm.

• Range of Apps could be developed with the use of Go:

This one helps in making sure, a range of apps and the issues could be solved with this one. Use this one for networking, programming, media learning, big data, and even machine and audio learning. This creates help for making sure one can even do audio and video editing, with the help of this language.

• Your app would get a wider audience and a greater performance too

Go not only knows how to manage the memory allocation but this also helps in making sure the app is free from any need of getting an interpreter and thus, getting such apps managed is very easy and more reliable. This not only cuts off the power and investment needed but even the users get savvier in using the apps and applications.
This creates more help and necessity to get more on the side of the Go language.
With Go language, making it easy for the people, to be used on the Older version phone, not many people have to buy the new version phone Thus while more and more people are able to get things organized and your app could be easily taken in their phone you app demand increases. When the app demand increases so do your business and so your money too! Thus try taking someone in your court, who is doing right with go training online.

• App crashing becomes less of the tension

Go is a process model that helps in making sure, things are getting fine in the system of running it. There is no need of getting a system to contain more of RAM. Thus, when the app comes that requires more functionalities to be contained, one can think of the need be met, in the right mode.
This is possible due to the need of making sure, threads and the needs are made possible when things are running in the background and so it saves the extra energy and so running of the app becomes easier and no crashing cases are applicable to be handled.

• Finding Go Developers is not a mess

Not at all a difficult phase, when this trend is actually all about making Go trend running in the trend. This is more helpful when the crowd is running behind Go to be learned for their career and even when people are also after GO to get their apps built.
Thus, thinking of making your app built in the go, would be easier and necessary to go with, this helps in making your apps and the application goes on the smooth flow, with one right hold of the go certification!


There is a need for making sure things are getting on the right lime line. With people looking for more of the possibilities and opportunities, learning the Go language could be one of the greatest and easy investments for people.
With one disadvantage running in the system, one can think why people are not getting more inclined towards using the Go language. This one drawback of not having its own library has been keeping people, from using Go on a larger scale.

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Discussion (7)

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Nico Braun

This one drawback of not having its own library has been keeping people, from using Go on a larger scale.

Sorry but this is absolutely wrong. Go's standard library is one of the strongest out there. It supports database connection and http handling out of the box for example. Two things you will 100% have to add via third party library if you use any other language.

Go's library is one of the main attraction points.

Now when we talk about third party libraries, then one can say, go has not as many packages as python or JavaScript.

srleyva profile image
Stephen Leyva (He/Him)

I’d tend to agree here, though in my experience Golang libs tend to be a lot lower level primitives, as opposed to python which is very much batteries included. I think that beauty of GoLang though, lower level constructs mean you can build only what you need.

codingsafari profile image
Nico Braun • Edited on

No, that's the point, python is not batteries included. When python was created, nobody thought of all the types of problems we have to deal with today. The web wasn't even a thing back then. No one had a multi core machine. Python is missing a lot of what we need today, therefore you have to rely on third party libraries, no way around.

Go on the other hand was invented with exactly those modern problems in mind. It is truly batteries included, in that sense.

Thread Thread
srleyva profile image
Stephen Leyva (He/Him) • Edited on

I can see the validity of you statement. I think it also pertains to the functionality you’re asking for and what you mean by batteries included. Python in a lot of ways has allowed for conflation of the standard lib by bloating the language with a lot of libraries and functionality. Just look at how bloated and unpythonic the unittest module is. It contains mocking and patching modules and shares a lot of similarities with junit. Go in direct contrast has a very simplistic testing module, requiring a lot of thought around design and testing. Even the way logging works in python, just import logging module and debug logs from the request module show up like magic. Go is certainly a lot more careful and explicit with primitives and what goes into the standard lib as part of its core philosophy. In agreement with you, Python wasn’t designed for the current problems or scale we face, as you pointed out, especially around concurrency as it doesn’t handle memory in a concurrent safe manner and relies on the GIL or process forking. I should clarify my meaning of batteries included, Python favors high level abstractions and hiding complexity (most times), Go forces you to think more about your own implementations, especially with design.

delta456 profile image
Swastik Baranwal

Go package system is most centralized and maintained.

freedom profile image

Can you share more on your comment how is more centralized and maintained? So that the future readers will learn from it.