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Splunk Tutorial for Beginners|Splunk training|Splunk Tutorial - IgmGuru

The Splunk online certification training of Igmguru includes the complete aspects of Splunk developer as well as administration. This program of Splunk learning course also includes various aspects of Splunk installation and Configuration, Splunk Syslog, Syslog Server, log analysis, Splunk dashboard installation and configuration of Splunk.
If you enroll for this training, you will find yourself searching, sharing, saving results, creating tags, generating reports and charts, installing and configuring Splunk, monitoring, scaling and indexing large volumes of searches. This will help one get an idea of knowing what is Splunk! You will also be analyzing the large volumes of search by using the tool.
Splunk training course’s skills to look for!
• Introduction to the Splunk architecture
• Installation and configuration of Splunk tool
• Splunk search, log and cloud management
• Deployment of the Splunk visualization, reports, and charts
• Management of the users and indexes
• Data analysis, calculation, and format
• Database lookup, execution, and security
• Log analyzer for the weblog analysis

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